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Car Recovery in Dubai

We known your car is stuck and you are looking for a car recovery Dubai. Then don’t worry Sohail car recovery is 24/7 available to accommodate to their clients.Our recovery driver are well trained and professional. So, if you want our services then contact us.

Car Towing Service

car towing

Tow car is a service that provides a 7-ton recovery vehicle, which we used to tow a vehicle from one place to another. They have many reasons, but one of the main reasons is that the cars are parked illegally.

We are able to provide car towing services for citizens of Dubai in the case of a car blocking the public’s way.

Why Car Recovery is Important in Dubai

It is important to understand why car recovery is important to Dubai, Dubai is an international city 200+ nations is lived peacefully at one place thousands of the visitor daily came in Uae. So our aim is if his/her car stuck on the road then we recover his/her car as soon as possible


We prioritize our clients’ needs since they are helpless on the road. Hence, our respected management took the decision to provide a 24/7 car recovery service in Dubai.

Car Recovery Dubai 24 Hours

How we Load Your Car on Recovery Truck Safely

It is not easy loading a car on a recovery truck in reality it is technical and our car recovery drivers are experts in carrying out this action safely. Let us discuss how our car recovery drivers conduct this operation safely.

Recovery on Level Ground

Handbrake is Properly Locks

Recovery Rump Checkout

Car recovery Dubai is not just a recovery service; they have well-trained drivers and they perform recovery operations according to situations. 


Our towing service professionals know that when you contact us, you are in a difficult situation. So they know how to use our towing service to get you out of this situation as quickly as possible

Common Reason for Car Recovery Services

There are many reasons for car recovery but some main reasons we will discuss below.

Car Break Down

If you are going Dubai to Abu Dhabi and suddenly your car breaks down! it’s a very bad experience for any person so our Car Recover reaches your location within 30 mint and recovery your car from this situation.


Out of patrol is another common reason for car recovery, this type of incident will normally happen normally with careless peoples. But we have the solution for you just call us and book our recovery our driver will reach with in 30 mint our charges are very less and affordable for every person.

car towing

Car Accident

Word “accident” is very dangerous in listening but in UAE RTA (Road Transport Authority) makes very tough laws that way accident ratio in Dubai UAE is very less. But if an accident happened in UAE it’s very dangerous because UAE roads are very speedy. So if you are facing any accidental condition then call us over car recovery driver as soon as possible.

RTA and Car Recovery Dubai